Version 1.0.0

Website Upload => Uploaded the whole website

Version 1.0.1

Revised Grammmar => Replaced tooken to taken.
Image Optimization => Reduced image sizes by more than 75% and compressed them.
New Images => New images are now able to be accessed via /images/public/image-number
New Image Delivery Code => Image delivery is now using a number sequence, and the file names are now numbers. This make it so whenever a new image is added, no code needs to be updated.
Added Changelog => Added changelog so you can see the new features added! Added 2 New Pages => Added /about/hubity and /about/electron, which contains information about Electron and Hubity.
Edited Background => Added examples of the places i've "worked" at before.

Version 1.0.2

Revised Grammmar => Replaced experinces to experiences.
Added More Information To /electron => Added more information.

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