Hello, I'm Kiran

Welcome to my website/portfolio!

About me

Hi, I'm Kiran. I make stuff on multiple platforms. I made this website actually. I create stuff on roblox, I know luau, lua, html, css, javascript, and python. I make discord bots, and I am currently working on a project called Hubity. My commissions are open, and usually take around 2 weeks for them to be completed, but this depends on what the commission is, how hard it is, and how many commissions I have at the time of ordering.

My Work
A game on roblox This website

I've done many commissions for people and I have taken many "positions" at games in roblox. I currently am working on a few projects, such as Hubity or Electron. I'm currently working on hubity with a friend.

An example of some places I've 'worked at' are:
Austrian Airlines - Moderator (~1600 Members, Currently Working There)
Creaton - (~700? Members at the time of me working there, Not Currently Working There)
Tca Tech - (Currently Working There)